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We perform classic psychotherapies and therapies in hypnosis - hypnotherapy by a very effective and fast transpersonal and systemic methods since 2008. We organize and facilitate warious workshops for personal and spiritual growth since 2009. 

Our approach is integral and transpersonal - we are aware that everyday consciousness is only a small island in the midst of an ocean of all consciousness that is accessible and comprehensible to man.

VelosiMed is a coin of two words, actually three words. Root veloci means fast. Med is an abbreviation for meditation and medicine. Medicine in Latin means the art of healing. So these are two meanings that complement each other. Fast in (deep and effective) meditation and fast method in the art of healing ...

All the methods we use and teach are designed to help each individual learn to take care of themselves to be empowered and to be responsible for their lives and their actions.

About Center Velosimed

Center Velosimed is located in the narrow alpine valley of Kokra. The Kokra valley, is nestled by the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps and tranquil, prestine forests with plenty of wild life. The crystal clear Kokra river is replenished by wild creeks that add to the breathtaking scenery. This idyllic location offers a plethora of opportunities for unwinding through walks, runs, climbs, hikes or cycling. If you have an extra day or two at your disposal, hiking some mountains with certified guides on well-marked trails would be an excellent way to spend it. Alternatively, You could simply luxuriate in nature's splendor or unwind in our sauna facilities.