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Learn simple self-hypnosis skills and problems in personal relationships, problems with health or money and other problems will disappear ... goals and dreams quickly become reality… and life changes from a stormy sea to a peaceful safe haven of easy achievements and peace of mind


it has unlimited and universal applicability. You can get inner wealth wth it, you change and quickly improve any segment of your life:

- achieving your goals

- bringing beauty and prosperity into your life

- changing behaviors you don’t like

- gain confidence

- break long-term dependencies

- lose weight and keep it at the desired level

- overcoming  emotional overeating

- gain control over the circumstances

- eliminate annoying habits

-  overcome fears

- stop smoking

- overcome insomnia

- get rid of stress and relax

- reduce pain and headaches

- solve problems effortlessly

- find the perfect relationship

- discovering hidden abilities

- improving memory

Unleash your true potential in all areas of your life and become a success!

Create the life you’ve always dreamed of

The best part: Self-hypnosis has no known negative side effects! This way you can feel safe with a tried and tested life-changing procedure!

Self-hypnosis works!!!

this finding have now been confirmed by many medical and psychiatric associations, psychotherapists… and research at reputable universities such as Yale and Stanford.

Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Mojca Studen, who has been using and researching self-hypnosis for over 20 years, will take you into the interesting world of self-hypnosis: "Through hypnosis and self-hypnosis, we reach the unconscious layer of our mind. And it is precisely this ability to communicate with the unconscious that is the key to a full life. Without access to this treasury, life is often just an unbearable struggle for survival..."

We cultivate hopes, dreams, and goals that are sometimes difficult to achieve. Joy, happiness and success are fleeting ... You feel tired, you feel lost...

Unless ... you discover how to reach, communicate and use the unconscious mind ... how you can remove all the obstacles buried inside you ... and ... replace them with a mindset of success that can turn you into a complete winner. It's much easier than you think!
Learn simple self-hypnosis skills and problems in personal relationships, health, money and other problems disappear ... goals and dreams quickly become reality… and life changes from a stormy sea to a peaceful safe haven of easy achievements and peace of mind

Did you know: the unconscious mind is responsible for 99.9% of the things that happen to us in life

Unconscious regulates numerous physiological programs such as respiration, heartbeat, digestion, blood circulation, sensorics, cell life, .., and all this goes smoothly in a healthy body without you paying a single thought or attention.

But that’s not all: the unconscious mind also controls all the deep-rooted thought and emotional programs that determine your level of success or failure in just about everything! In addition, modern research clearly shows us that our decisions are made unconsciously, even though we feel that it is under our conscious control.

It is very important what mode of action is inscribed in our unconscious: if there are many limiting beliefs within the unconscious that lead to bad habits and habits, many fears or even traumas, then we perceive our life as difficult, even hopeless, and act from that belief without consciously knowing it ...

We cannot achieve the unconscious directly, but with proper self-hypnosis we can reset it so that it works in our favor and not against us. And that is the goal of this workshop.

How to reach and change your unconscious mind?

It is now a popular opinion that we can change only with positive affirmations or visualization, but this is only part of the story It is an imperfect and in itself an unsuccessful step towards freedom.

Positive inclination, emotions and thoughts are just the seeds of the whole process. If you do not plant this seed in the ground, you don't water them,  nothing will grow. All that remains is the seed in its potentiality, which, on the other hand, refuses to express itself. You can be positive and imagine the most beautiful things, repeat to infinity the correct affirmation until you are completely exhausted, but nothing will come of it, your goals, hopes will still be the same distance or even further away… until these thoughts descend into the unconscious mind so that they can grow, ONLY THEN will they bring positive results that change the life in the direction you want!

So why do so many people who read books on self-help, positive thinking, the law of attraction, self-hypnosis still fail? They prepare their minds for the seed of success, but they do not make it the most important act that breaks through the conscious barrier…. they forget to insert this seed into the fertile ground, deep into their subconscious, where the seed can grow and blossom...

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How do you stop sabotaging your efforts?
And make self-hypnosis work?

There are five “saboteurs” who play a key role in preventing you from achieving their goals. 99% of the “gurus” of hypnosis don’t talk about the concept of “conflicting goals” at all.
Note that essentially self-hypnosis is a hyper-effective technology for achieving goals. However, if you create an internal conflict with a poorly set goal, you are sabotaging yourself.

So what we need to do is overcome this conflict so that the unconscious mind aligns with what you want - in the workshop you will learn just that.

10 reasons why a self-hypnosis program unleashes your potential ...

The workshop reveals:

simple techniques developed by a hypnosis expert and proven by hundreds of people in all walks of life.

how to change the unconscious “Inner Plan” that is ultimately responsible for the results you achieve in life so that success comes to you easily.

the most reliable way to plant your goals deep into the unconscious, where they can quickly take root and manifest.

how to enter a hypnotic trance on your own every time.

how to eliminate conflicting goals, internal conflicts, and other forms of self-sabotage so that self-hypnosis works for you.

how to set goals that the unconscious mind will accept during self-hypnosis sessions.

how to take advantage of the two best terms for self-hypnosis so that you get the most benefit in the shortest time.

how to fix potential problems to make the most of self-hypnosis.

and is arranged to master self-hypnosis in seven days for a lifetime.

is a system for achieving ultimate goals. Use it for anything you want to change, have, or manifest in your life.

Here are some more secrets you will discover through this workshop:
How to open up unlimited possibilities by achieving the infinite power of the unconscious mind! Shortcut to complete control over your life from now on!.

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