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Key Method +

Increases our stress resistance.
We can easily adapt to new conditions and find common ground with demanding people.
We quickly reach a state of deep relaxation.
Improved sleep quality.
We gain conscious control of emotions.
We find creative solutions to complex problems.
Accelerated learning or training.
It strengthens our immune system and accelerates healing, regeneration or rehabilitation.
Improves ouraAbility to concentrate in any environment.

What is Key Method?

The Key Method +  is one of the most sophisticated modern, easily accessible stress relief and chronic stress prevention technique. In addition, it is also one of the most effective ways of personal development, allowing each person to achieve and develop desired qualities such as willpower, creativity, or the development of advanced business and professional skills.

The Key Method is the result of 35 years of experience working with astronauts, police officers, athletes, government officials, businessmen, managers, programmers, engineers, project managers, nurses ...

The Key method has been successfully used for emergency psychological assistance for victims of terrorist attacks, victims of natural disasters, relatives in the event of the loss of loved ones in an accident or war. It  is also used as anti-stress preparation of military psychiatrists and special units to manage stressful situations.

The simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness of this method allow achieving maximum results in extreme conditions. The method is very effective even when we are in a hurry and in difficult conditions where human actions are performed at the limit of an individual’s mental and physical abilities.

Using the Key method, we can eliminate negative stress and achieve a level of eu-stress or relaxation in just 5-20 minutes of exercise a day, without the need for outside help or medication. The Key method establishes a conscious state of homeostasis and the possibility of access to energy sources and regeneration, which are otherwise only available during sleep or in critical situations.

With systematic and regular practice of the Key Method +, we quickly find a new, better coexistence with the external environment (work environment, for example), we react to the same events and situations that have always caused us fear or excessive stress, otherwise to a much more relaxed and reasonable way. We no longer react to the same external situations in a way that leads to stress, anxiety, or fatigue.

In practice, for example, this means that we can easily establish communication with people with whom we previously found it difficult to find common ground or have even been in constant conflict with them, and we can be much more successful in leading, negotiating or building interpersonal relationships.

How does it work


The Key Method + is based on self-regulation through ideomotor movements that automatically release stress. The method allows users to quickly establish internal states of consciousness through which mental and physiological processes in the body become well coordinated. Thus, we can achieve a trance-like state known as free awareness, which the user perceives as calmness, relaxation, clarity, absence of internal dialogue and at the same time the necessary activation of our resources (being in the -zone)...


Quick results - we easily eliminate stress after only 5-20 minutes immediately on the first workout.

- we learn and implement it quickly because it is based on natural human gifts.

- the method can be used to eliminate the effects of excessive stress and trauma, to control stress, to treat, relax, develop memory, discover hidden abilities, talents, and intuition.

How is the Key method different from others?

Results are achieved easier and faster. Once the principles are clear we do not need any special preparation or years of training. The Key method is one of the simplest methods available today as it exploits the natural potentials of each human being. In addition, it is one of the most versatile methods that can be used to heal, relax, develop memory, discover hidden abilities, talents, and intuition.

+ Widening Awareness

Key Method + offers effective training in widening your field of awareness. 

The rule of normal consciousness that we can keep in our awareness at most 3 to 9 elements at a time with the Key Method + training no longer holds. 

With Key Method + we are effortlessly aware of everything, so in a way, what was previously unconscious becomes conscious. What we have pushed into unconscious processing in ordinary consciousness, what we have “filtered out” to be a piece of the current “reality,” becomes conscious. However, this is a very different awareness from the usual rational consciousness we are used to, so we need some time to accept this new way of accepting external and internal reality and start using it effectively.

With widening the field of awareness, the mental space becomes much larger compared to ordinary consciousness. Mental space from a linear sequence of causal events and connections becomes multidimensional and simultaneous. Training such awareness is quite fun and proceeds according to the kaleidoscope principle. If we operate at this stage of consciousness the phenomena produced by C.G. Jung described as non-causal synchronicities becoming very common...

Usefulness of the Key Method +

The effectiveness and efficiency of these methods allow us to achieve the greatest results in the shortest time. Currently,  Key MEthod + is successfully used by:

    • in military training,
    • in sports - preparation for competitions,
    • in psychotherapy,
    • in physical rehabilitation,
    • for personal development,
    • in educational programs,
    • for business negotiations.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs use the Key Method for:

  • coping with stress, and burnout,
  • improving concentration and productivity,
  • emotion self-control,
  • gain composure,
  • achieving clarity and focus,
  • find creative solutions to complex problems,
  • improving their decision-making ability.

Athletes use the Key method to:

    • achieving maximum efficiency,
    • rapid recovery from injuries, regeneration and energy recovery,
    • entering various states of consciousness at will,
    • increase and maintain motivation,
    • improving endurance and resilience, maintaining focus, and clarity.
Actors, singers, and artists use the Key Method for: 
    • eliminating anxiety,
    • control emotions during important events, performances,
    • quickly get into the desired state of mind,
    • improved creativity and memory.

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