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Apr 08, 2022

Apr 10, 2022

Mojca Studen

Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

The workshop offers one breathwork experiences and one sitter experiences for each participant

Kokra 72, Preddvor Slovenija, 4205

Holotropic Breathwork provides a deep inner process that leads to openness and expansion of consciousness. This, in turn, opens us to healing and wisdom beyond ego ... We invite you to join us! 

The Holotropic Breathwork Workshop takes place in the Velosimed Center, in a beautiful setting below the mighty Kočna mountain. Workshop behind thick stone walls gives a sense of security, while the surroundings with beautiful nature and Kokra river, provide quality and necessary relaxation during and after the workshop.

GTT certified practitioners will support you so that can open up to your Inner Wisdom and Inner Healing Power in a completely safe, supportive environment. 

Kokra welly, where the workshops take place, is surrounded by Kamniško-Savinjske Alps, peaceful forests, with wild creaks filling the crystal clear Kokra River. It is a great place for relaxation, walks, running, climbing, hiking or cycling. By spending an extra day or two, you could even hike some mountains alone on well-marked trails or with certified guides. Or just relax outside, or in our sauna


8. - 10. April 2022

Starts: Friday 18:00

Ends: Sunday, 14:00

Velosimed center, Kokra 72, 4205 Preddvor, Slovenia


Mojca Studen, Marko Šifrar


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Payment details will be sent to you after the registration


    Kokra 72, Preddvor Slovenija, 4205 Center Velosimed

    Kokra 72, 4205 Preddvor


    Kokra 72, Preddvor Slovenija, 4205

    Travel Details

    It is very easy to get to Center Velosimed in Kokra welly. It is located only 22 km from Ljubljana International airport, Kranj railway station, and highway E61, connecting Ljubljana and Salzburg. Everything is close, yet distant enough not to disturb the serenity of the place. We can pick you up from airport or Kranj railway station


    early bird registration: 160 €  (until March 15th)

    Full price: 180 €

    The price includes all activities workshop, snacks, coffee/tea, and meals during the whole workshop.

    • Accommodations:

      in the Velosimed Center:
    • Single room with breakfast: 45 € / person/ night
    • Double room with breakfast: 30 € / person / night
    • Dormitry: 17 € / person / night 
    • Tent 7€/nigh
      There are additional self-catering accommodation near the center:
      Penzion Kanonir
      (3 min from Velosimed center)
      Vila Planinka (8 min from center Velosimed)

    Cancellation Policy

    • We will return the total amount paid for cancellation one week or more before the workshop.
    • For later cancellation we charge 50 € fee, balance is refunded to your bank account.