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Integration: Shadow to Light

The workshop is for anyone you want to recover:

  • your energy,
  • power,
  • instincts,
  • intuition
  • and consequently, become "the master of your own destiny"

and expand and upgrade your  brain’s architecture and expand the limits of your unconscious mind...

Workshop description

Shadow to Light consists of two parts: 6 online meetings, each one hour and a half in length, to prepare for safe work with the shadow and one-day intensive workshop usually held at the Velosimed Center where you will dive directly into the Shadow landscape. The knowledge you will gain in this workshop can be an excellent technique or practice of integrating holotropic processes and an indispensable part of serious holotropic work. Through the workshop, you will gain skills on how to recognize your Shadow and how to successfully deal with your Shadow. The most important things that you will learn on the workshop: 

  • what is the dynamics of the Shadow
  • how to recognize it, identify its depersonalized aspects
  • how to face the Shadow and re-integrate fully into your being
  • freeing up all the psychic energy needed to constantly push the Shadow into the subconscious
  • how to turn the Shadow into the Light (new insights about yourself and others, how to use the released energy for a constructive action that leads you to desired goals ...)

But in order for this process to be safe and healing we will first build certain necessary skills: 

  • mindfulness, benign attention, meta-cognition
  • neutral mentalization
  • connecting to unconscious self
  • becoming ... something ... / someone else
  • stabilizing your active imagination
  • learning how to use active imagination for different inner physical, emotional or mental healing, for skill enhancement or planing your future...

(If you have no experience with mindfulness or developing meta-cognition, we recommend that you attend the Meditation workshop before this workshop.)

Then we will show you step by step: 

  • how to face your inner demons,
  • how to recognize them, accept them ...
  • and how to raise the level of happiness, and find inner peace.

This means that you will automatically return to a higher level of energy, inner peace. The power of deciding how we will feel in today’s situation is within us, we just have to get used that this power becomes our conscious choice

    Workshop Integration: Shadow to Light can also be a great addition in an integrated activity to Holotropic Breathwork workshops.



    Who is it for?

    The workshop is appropriate for you if you want to get back:

    • your energy,
    • power,
    • instincts,
    • intuition.

    It is intended for people:

    • who wants to transcend the pattern of finding guilt and obstacles in his surroundings,
    • who want to be masters of their lives,
    • who want to be free from the role of victim, and free from the role of finding the culprit in others,
    • who want to live a full and, above all, responsible life.

    What is the Workshop's agenda?

    • be capable of benign, stable, curious, nonattached,  bit curious awareness of loving kindness toward all the aspects of the self.
    • gain the skills of mentalization and active imagination
    • learn what is the Shadow is, how to recognize it, and indicated strategies on how to deal with it
    • practical exercises in recognizing the Shadow, visualizing the Shadow, and dealing with the depersonalized aspects that the Shadow hides from us
    • Learning a very powerful and effective process 3-2-1- (0) to fully integrate the shadow back into consciousness when we realize that our Shadow = Light!
    • For the more curious, we offer the opportunity to learn the Core Transformation method, which takes us back to our true essence. Learning this method takes place separately, as an additional day, after you have already mastered the methods learned above.

    Shadows and spiritual practices?

    You might probably ask yourself questions such as:

    "Why are religions such complex, misleading and polarizing forces in this world?"

    How can something that teaches so much love and life on the one hand be the cause of so much death, hatred, and destruction? ”

    At a more concrete level, these issues are as follows:

    "How can he be a preacher of love, faith, humility, forgiveness, kindness, good works, a pedophile or a man-hater or a fascist, a Nazi, ...?"

    Or, "How can someone who preaches about the worthlesness of all  Earthly things and demands of his believers give up all material possessions, own over 100 hotels, and for every day of the year different Rolls Royce, rape his failover's children...?"

    Part of the answer to the above questions can be found in Shadow. As one’s spirituality grows, so does the Shadow, if we do not turn it into the Light in time, the Shadow becomes indomitable and burns into the day with incredible cruelty, bestiality, and tramples humanity, true love, goodness and humility.

    The hard lesson we have learned over the last few decades has shown us that any quest for greater humanity, spirituality, a better Self, successfully sabotages the repressed Shadow if we do not face it.

    There used to be a mindset that meditation/contemplation alone makes sure that most repressed content is resolved. But this is clearly not the case. Today, millions of people are already meditating and their Shadow remains intact. A typical example: someone retreats to a Buddhist monastery due to life problems, meditates there regularly, experiences high spirituality, inner peace, even moments of enlightenment, only to discover when he returns to real life that exactly the same personality problems await him. .Or a priest who is a pedophile, or a guru with shameless greed ...

    The reason for the ineffectiveness of meditation in this segment is that meditation expands consciousness into a "panoramic view", and can lead into disociation, especialy from our real problems in our psyche. But for the Shadow, we need laser precision and not overly increased awareness.

    To "tame" the Shadow, you need psycho/hypnotherapy or psychotechniques (as you will learn in the workshop Shadow to Light, for example) that precisely target the Shadow. There are now many effective therapeutic methods to deal with the Shadow: Gestalt therapy, voice dialogue, various experiential therapies such as Holotropic Breathwork...

    What is the Shadow?

    “No one becomes enlightened by presenting and seeking God’s light, but by illuminating his or her dark corners!” C.G. Jung

      Shadow is a Junng term that denotes parts of ourselves, that we are not aware of, that we disowned. Dedicating oneself to this topic is usually an awkward process that involves exploring and peeking into the darkest corners of our minds. To become whole, we must bring the Shadow into our awareness. Through the process of knowing our Shadow, we learn to see, hear, perceive, and feel in a new way - we clean the lens through which our consciousness looks at the world and at ourselves. We need to discover our blind spots and where we are deaf. We must be aware that in these blind spots and things we overhear lies a lot of energy that is repressed or completely inaccessible to our consciousness or we express it in an inappropriate way: aggression, anger, exploitation, greed, resentment, ignorance, contempt, projections, blaming ... and of course, we attribute all these qualities to others. 
      Shadow has deep roots in evolutionary history and is probably one of the strongest in the potentially most dangerous aspects of individuals and/or groups of people.

      In our Shadow we find most often:
    • instincts,
    • intuitiveness (mental, physical) therefore
    • all aspects that are unacceptable in a social environment (anger, sadness, unconditional love, passion, wild joy, self-determination, juiciness, cheerfulness ...)
    • The consequence of these depersonalized aspects, which we sweep into an airtight black bag - the Shadow, which we constantly carry/drag with us. And this bag causes separation from iour own source of inner wisdom.

    In order for individual to be included in a certain environment, he must tame/suppress impulses that are not socially acceptable by suppressing his "animal" nature- The suppression of the Shadow happens by building a strong Persona that restrains the power of the Shadow. A persona who suppresses the Shadow can be a very civilized person but at the expense of shutting down his spontaneity, creativity, strong emotions, and deep insights. Such a person is cut off from his own origin of the inner wisdom of instinctive and intuitive wisdom - he cuts himself off from wisdom, which is probably deeper than all the knowledge offered to him by a certain social environment or culture. Life without Shadow recognition becomes shallow, shallow, and soulless.

    In the Shadow, we have locked, currently unattainable psychic energies.

    If we do not face the Shadow and recall all the elements back into our consciousness, our life becomes empty, repetitive, devoid of spirit and passion for life. Further persistence, of course, leads to a variety of psychosomatic symptoms and illnesses.

    The shadow always comes to the fore when we are "pressed against the wall" when the Ego has no more solutions and does nothing. If we know the Shadow and invite it back to consciousness, then our instinctive solutions can be the fastest and most effective. If we don't listen to our inner cry we can collapse or try to solve the suffering by completely inappropriate responses such as cruelty or injustice to others, or we can succumb to sadness, withdrawal, shame, depression...

    When the Ego and the Shadow/Light work in harmony, one feels alive and full of creative powers. The Ego no longer feels the need to hinder the instinctive impulses and know how to channel and sublimate them in the right direction. Consciousness expands and we feel greater clarity of thought and vitality.

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