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is for anyone who wants something longer and something deeper in their meditative practice. At the Velosimed Center, we combine various meditative approaches and techniques, basically coming from the Rinzaj Zen School ....

Journy as a goal

Find the right meditation for you...

In true meditation there is no goal no destination, nowhere we should go or be, nothing we should or want to achieve... there is only one-pointed awareness, there is only meditation... But with our goal-oriented Western mind this might be difficult at first.

To prepare ourselves for meditation, we might set our goal on the journey itself. The simplest way to illustrate “journey as a goal” is with a circle. The perimeter of the circle should represent our life path. We are currently at some point around this perimeter. Looking back, we probably feel that we have walked quite a bit, that we are wiser, that we understand life and its essence better ... If we are aware that this is just one of the stations, just one of the points and we do not identify with it, new knowledge does not become sacred truth to us and we do not fanatically defend it as the only possible truth, our life is full. We know that we are at a different point at any given moment, that no point on the perimeter of a circle is better than the other, after all, every end is also a beginning.

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About meditation

Meditation practices

At the Velosimed Center, we teach various techniques that allow us to train the individual elements of awareness that are necessary for meditative awareness and consciousness. In addition, we delve into different types of meditation: mindfulness, metta Bhavana, tong len, zazen, which contain different meditative aspects.

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Voice Dialog

My teacher Patriarch Genpo Roshi came through a Western psychotherapeutic method called Voice Dialog (developed by Dr. Hall and Dr. Sidra Stone), through the ideas of Carl G. Jung, Fritz Pearls, and of course through the Zen tradition to a process called Big Heart, Big Mind.

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Spirituality as escape from reality !?

Many spiritual systems define the goal of spiritual search as dissolving personal boundaries and merging with the Spirit / God and simultaneously denying all that is earthly, renouncing all material goods, despising and suppressing "flesh" ...

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Positive effects of meditation on body and mind

{{modality}} our meditators report on:

  • greater inner peace
  • greater ability to "be in the moment"
  • less stress
  • less neuroticism
  • a better understanding of oneself
  • easier acceptance and compassion for loved ones as well as other people in general
  • easier coping with life's trials
  • deep awareness and feeling of self
  • a deep respect for all life
  • awareness of the beauty of life

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